MERRY CHRISTMAS – FOREST FRIENDS (Private Event) 20 Dec 2020


Sunday 20th December 12pm – 5pm

Red Floral plant

Forest of Tranquility Forest Friends (Private Event- Covid Conditions)

In the Spirit of WellBeing – Abundance – Creativity – Positivity – Love – Sharing & Jolly Good cheer we hope to see you at our Annual Christmas party (Sunday before Xmas each year).

A Zero Waste Venue with a Sustainability policy Leave Only Footprints. We do not provide rubbish bins and ask our visitors to BYO and take your Rubbish home for composting & recycling. 

Please bring a plate of food and what you like to drink. For those that like a cuppa please also bring a thermos of hot water. Also bring your own plate, cup & utensils and a soft cushion if required (for hard wooden seats).

We will have a Kris Kringle – so please bring a present up to the value of $10 and wrap in ECO or recycled paper.

Bring Eco spray for mosquitoes. Games to play depending on the weather.

We hope for good weather, a great day and to have some fun and to celebrate together after the challenges of 2020.

So, come along to catch up with Friends and celebrate in Nature.

Merry Xmas from EcoPatty, Karen, Emilia & Therese

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