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Discover the Forest – Forest of Tranquility

How did the Forest of Tranquility form?

discover the forest

There are several physical environmental characteristics which account for the formation of the rainforest.

Climate: Rainfall exceeds 1000mm per annum and can be as high as 2000mm per year. Drought periods are rare and the average temperatures are mild (temperature does not generally limit the distribution of rainforests however it does limit the distribution of plant and animal species.)

Soil: The Forest exists on nutrient-rich shale which includes volcanic material. Also, patches of nutrient-rich alluvial soil can be found in the gully.

Topography: The Forest is situated on the sheltered side of a hill – the gully and cliff protect plant life from the drying winds and the midday sun.

Ecosystem: Plants and other organisms have adapted to the conditions underneath the rainforest canopy. They co-exist to form a complex ecosystem. For example – the leaf litter is decomposed by a variety of flora and fauna micro-organisms, such as fungi, snails and ants, which in turn provides new nutrients for the soil.

Fire: The topography and high rainfall provide a natural barrier against fire.

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