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Why is the Forest of Tranquility unique?

Uniqueness! In Australia there are about 20,000 flora species, of which about 15,000 are derived from rainforests – tropical, sub-tropical, warm temperate or cool temperate.

Forest of Tranquility – Australian Rainforest Sanctuary is structurally a warm temperate rainforest which contains a great number of species normally found in subtropical rainforests.

Almost 200 rainforest species are found at The Forest (warm temperate rainforests normally only feature about 80 species).

The Forest is located in a sheltered valley on an outcropping of Narrabeen shale. It is floristically significant as the southern limit of a great number of sub-tropical flora such as native guava (Rhodomyrtus psidiodes).

And in terms of floral diversity it is considered to be the best surviving rainforest in the Newcastle-Wollongong region.

A special feature of the rainforest at the park is the large number of climbing vines which represent almost 25 per cent of the flora species. Palms such as the Bangalow Palm are also very common.



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