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Education Service – Forest of Tranquility

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Education Service:

Student bookings: Monday to Friday. School bookings: taken for 30+ students $20.00*conditions apply GST included. Teachers / Supervisors free. Added Cost – Specialist guides available for rainforest walks.

Field study activities include rainforest formation and identification. Special Programs – suit small groups up to 15. Orientated around sustainability. Includes identifying water bugs to determine water quality and understanding the inter-relationship between bugs and plants.

We look at the uses of trees and plants for humans now and in the past.
A sheltered main pergola area is used for the students to be seated together.

We suggest recess on arrival with a student orientation & safety talk. Worksheets relate to the picnic area, and may be used along with the other picnic area Activities,
as an introduction to the forest and as a method for grouping the students.

The Walk

The average time for the entire walk is about 60-90 mins. Teachers are in control of the duration they spend on the walk. Teachers determine how they ‘access’ the walk. For example, teaches may choose to have their students walking with worksheets, or make use of the study stations.

Picnic Area

The panoramic interactive vista (Click here) helps plan the student entry to the forest walk using the following Pre-walk Activities.

Pre-walk Activities

Worksheet C

    • Landuse and environmental comparison study
    • Navigation. To draw a map of the track
    • Logging Display
    • Logging History at large log (before kiosk)
    • Weather Gauges (near the entrance to the forest walk)
    • Study Station 9 (behind kiosk):
      • Map Centre
      • History of land use and Management program
      • Sundial-true north; Compass-magnetic north


  • The Kiosk is within the picnic area, surrounded by the
    native fauna and Food Forest.
  • Ball play area prior to kiosk-please bring your own equipment
  • Toilets are within picnic area