Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy Workshop – Forest of Tranquility

A world of insight lies in the unconscious and can emerge 
through art practice, creating recovery and change.

Vee Malnar is a visual and performing artist, writer and art therapist. Her art therapy focuses on well-being and goal setting.

Through a session easy to use art techniques, Vee will guide you on a personal creative journey to help balance and enhance emotional well-being and integrate the mind, body and soul. When we express ourselves on paper with colours and textures, our awareness shifts, we see things differently, understand life in ways that lifts us out of our current rut, or adds to our evolving self.

Art Therapy is not just a tool for artists, it’s for anyone, even those who think they have no creativity will benefit. It’s relaxing, enjoyable and fun. Book a session today.

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Phone: 0402 036 082

Vee Malnar